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Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is a collective term for all activities contributing to a web page’s high organic score in search engines.

Implementing SEO techniques the correct way will make it possible to attract more visitors to desired web pages. Parts of an SEO strategy include link building and keyword optimization. Many businesses operating online rely on SEO because they want to generate digital traffic from keyword machines.

Link Building

Link building is still relatively common in 2021 for the simple reason that it guarantees results.

Earning links is hard work; there is no denying that but we like hard work and we like getting results for our clients!

We will not sell you tactics like white or black hat SEO! We will deliver link juice and a lot of it too!

Content Writing

Looking for reliable writers at a fair price? We know content is king but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to work for SEO & link building!

Get in touch with us if you need content written in the following languages;
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Website Audit

Do you want to know why your site is not generating traffic? We will do a site audit and find out what is wrong with your site and fix it too!

After years of experience, working on websites across the world in almost all languages, we are confident to say that we know that work and what doesn’t

Web Development Services

Do you want a new website or did our site audit suggest replacing your old site with a better, faster, and better-designed website?

Our in-house web application development team will amaze you with what we can do for your (new) website!
How does a 99% page speed on Google PageSpeed Insight sound to you?

Buy Expired Domains

Want to build a website that will rank faster than any competitor out there?

We have found a way to find expired domains with clean authority in any given niche and build a website on top of it!

Of course, you can also just redirect expired domains to your monetized site too!

(Online) Branding

Do you want customers to recognize your company because of its strong branding?

We can, and we will communicate and differentiate your unique selling points.

Our branding team will make your business stand out about the crowd

Wait, what is SEO?

Sorry if we went a little too fast; we are now trying to explain more calmly what SEO is, as many people call it, SEO an acronym for Search Engine Optimization or ‘zoek machine optimalisatie‘ Dutch. It means nothing more than optimizing websites to show higher search engines such as Google or Bing.  

Okay, I now know what the meaning of SEO is, but how does SEO work?

To tell you how SEO works, we have to explain how the techniques work to ensure an SEO-optimized website. Optimizing your website consists of various actions that together provide that your website’s general SEO value increases. These actions include:

Below we briefly explain strategies.

Optimize for important keywords

When users search Google, they enter keywords. The goal is that you will find those keywords on your website. For example, if someone searches for ‘Bakery Amsterdam,’ and you have a bakery in Amsterdam, you probably want to be first for that search with your website. However, ranking for keywords is not easy; you must proof Google that your website and its pages are relevant to the targeted search queries. After all, Google’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for the searcher by providing the most pertinent information.

Write content for your visitors.

Initially, you always want to write your web page for the reader. Therefore, make sure that the content on the page is relevant to read. For example, if you scatter keywords all over your page to optimize your website, this will be at the content’s expense. Search engines like Google want to see to what extent users rate your content and then adjust their rankings. For example, Google keeps track of how long visitors have been on your website and what frequency they click through to other pages on your website. However, if your content terrible and it has little to no added value, your webpage will not rank high in the search results.

Get started with link building.

One of the essential SEO techniques is link building, which involves do-backlinks. Linkbuilding is a vital SEO technic because search engines want to treat all websites equally. It is difficult for them to see which websites are more important than others. Looking at links is one of how they can still indicate which pages are more relevant than others. For example, suppose there is a Wikipedia article on a popular topic, and your website is will be listed as an essential source. In that case, Google will rate your information slightly higher than that of similar websites. Generating and maintaining these types of links is a necessary part of SEO, called Link Building.

Create a crystal clear and well structure META Structure

A META structure is the structure of a website without the content. Consider using the correct formatting of page titles, URLs, breadcrumbs, and internal links. Search engines use robots, also known as crawlers or spiders, to crawl your website. A well-structured and optimized META structure will ensure that robots can better understand your website. Google will therefore rank your website higher than websites where this META structure is not optimized.

Why is SEO important to your business?

To reach your target audience and generate leads, you need to be visible in the search engines. Almost 95% of the website start their search for information, a product, or a company in a search engine. That makes SEO an indispensable part of your online marketing strategy.

Need SEO advice?

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